Get details and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about U-Drive. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 866-837-4833.

What is U-Drive?

U-drive is UDF’s customer loyalty program. It’s our way of rewarding our most loyal customers with savings on gasoline and on select products. Just swipe your U-Drive card and earn discounts in the following ways:

  • Everyday 3¢ Savings: Every day without even purchasing anything inside you can save 3¢ at the pump. Just swipe your Udrive card or enter your Alt-ID at the pump and save 3¢ off per gallon gas. Please note, this only applies when you don't have an existing fuel rewards balance.
  • Fuel Rollbacks: Rollbacks are featured items that, when purchased, you earn cents off per gallon of gas. See our current featured rollbacks here and look for the Udrive savings symbol on store signs.
  • Register Rollbacks: A few select items each month will have discounted prices with U-drive. The price at the register will Rollback when you swipe your Udrive card or use your Alt-ID at the register. For example, you get can special saving on UDF gallons of milk with U-drive. See our current featured Register Rollbacks and look for the Register Rollbacks savings symbol on store signs.
  • Market Basket: On top of rollbacks, you can earn 5¢ off per gallon of gas every time you spend $25 in store (a few items that we sell are excluded—see below for products that are not eligible for fuel discounts). The best part? Your $25 total can add up over multiple visits. Register your card to track your progress.
  • Five & Drive Malts/Shakes (seasonal promotion): Buy five of our hand dipped malts & shakes over multiple visits from May through August (specific dates will change from year to year) and receive 50¢ off per gallon of gas! Register your card to keep track of your purchases and total savings.
  • Four for Forty Ice Cream Cones/Cups (seasonal promotion): Buy four scoops of our hand-dipped ice cream over multiple visits from January through March (specific dates will change from year to year) and receive 40¢ off per gallon of gas! Register your card to keep track of your purchases and total savings.

What are Stackable Savings?

Fuel rollbacks are stackable savings. Purchase any size Hot Beverage and save 3¢ off per gallon of gas. Come in Monday through Friday and purchase a hot beverage every day and you just earned 15¢. This can be stacked on top of any other savings. If you hit the $25 Market Basket you just made another 5¢ savings and have a total of 20¢ savings!

When viewing the balance in the website, at the top of our UDF app or in the current discounts tracker:

  • If you see a $0.03 balance, it is either your free $0.03 for being a U-Drive member or a $0.03 you have earned in store.
  • You must purchase something worth over and above the initial $0.03 to see your balance change (i.e. two coffee or fountain drinks earns you $0.06, one = $0.03).

How does it work?

Simply swipe your U-Drive card every time you make a purchase, then register your card to watch the savings add up. When you’re ready to redeem your fuel discount, just swipe the card at the pump, enter your Alt-ID, or present it to an associate inside.

Special gas price listings for U-Drive members. Check the store directory in the UDF app to see the current gas prices with the 3 cent everyday discount U-Drive price. When you use your UDF app and log into U-Drive the store directory will update to rollback the price with the gas savings you have accumulated in your account.

Where can I earn and redeem fuel rollback discounts?

You can earn discounts at any UDF by swiping your U-Drive card and purchasing featured rollback items. To redeem, use our store finder to filter by locations that have a gas pump and swipe your card before your fill-up.

How do I register my card online?

It’s easy — simply follow the instructions here to register. After a short period of time, you’ll receive a confirmation email. And that’s all there is to it!

Can I use my U-Drive card without registering it?

Yes. But you won’t be able to track your discounts, Alternate ID, expiration dates, or recent transactions unless you register your card. You will not be able to take advantage of unique programs for registered U-drive members like Low Price Lock. If you lose an unregistered card, we won’t be able to transfer your balance to a new one. And you receive 10¢ off per gallon gas just as a thank you for registering your card. Note, it make take up to 24-48 hours to see the 10¢ on your card.

How and why do I set up an alternate ID?

When you register your Udrive card, please provide a mobile telephone number and that will be your Alternate ID (Alt-ID). The Alt-ID can be used inside the store or at the gas pump. You do not need your Udrive card if you have your Alt-ID.

What is Low Price Lock with U-Drive?

Low Price Lock with Udrive locks in the lowest price of gasoline for that day. All registered Udrive members are locked in with the lowest gas price of the day until midnight. Just swipe your Udrive card or use your Alt ID at the pump and watch the price go back to the lowest price of the day when you lift the gas nozzle. The price will drop even more with the 3¢ everyday savings or your earned savings balance. Don’t ever miss out on filling up in time, with your registered U-Drive card with Low Price Lock.

What is this option at registration to receive promotional information?

By agreeing to receive information you have agreed to have us send you email notifications about special promotions, programs, and offers. This is the best and easiest way to maximize the benefits of U-drive. We even send notifications so you know when gas prices will be going up in your area. Register now.

Is there a limit to the amount if discounts I can redeem in any single fuel purchase?

You can redeem all of your earned discounts until the retail price of gas reaches 10¢. These discounts are valid up to 25 gallons of gas on one vehicle at a time (because your safety is important to us).

Which products are not eligible for discounts?

Here’s a complete list of products that don’t earn you money off gas: gasoline, cigarettes and tobacco, beer and wine, money orders, prepaid cards, RTA bus tokens and car wash. Sales tax is also excluded.

Do my discounts expire?

They expire 45 days after they are earned. Register your U-Drive card to keep track of the fuel rewards you have earned and to see how close you are to your next reward! You will find this information on the personal Account Details page on the website.

How do I check my discount balance?

Simply log in to your account to see your available discounts, recent transactions, progress toward Market Basket and more. Don’t have an account yet? Register today!

When viewing the balance in the website, at the top of our UDF app or in the current discounts tracker:

  • If you see a $0.03 balance, it is either your free $0.03 for being a U-Drive member or a $0.03 you have earned in store.
  • You must purchase something worth over and above the initial $0.03 to see your balance change (i.e. two coffee or fountain drinks earns you $0.06, one = $0.03).

How do I get a U-Drive card?

Simply pick up a Udrive card at any UDF location, even if does not sell gas. It’s fast, easy and free!

I lost my U-Drive card. What do I do?

Simply pick up another U-drive card at any UDF location. Sign in to your U-Drive dashboard and add your new card on the “Edit Account” page. If you don’t have an account, go to the registration page and register with your new card. If you have questions or need assistance call UDF Consumer Relations at 1-866-837-4833.

Do I need the UDF app for U-Drive?

No, you do not have to have the UDF App on your mobile phone to take advantage of U-Drive, but it has some great benefits. You can register your U-Drive card on the app and then log in. The bar code for your U-Drive account will be right on the home page of the UDF App. Open the App and scan your phone for U-Drive savings. The UDF app replaces your U-Drive card! The UDF App offers great coupons and offers; and it’s fun playing and winning free treats with the ice cream cone bubble up game on the app. Hurry, download the app today. Download the UDF app from all major app stores

Can I share my email address with my family?

You can only have one email address per account. But you can add U-Drive cards to this email address. This is a great way to stack up savings; just remember it’s first come first save at the pump!

How much does U-Drive Cost?

Absolutely nothing! We designed U-Drive to save our most loyal customers money on each and every gallon of gas purchased.

Will my personal information be put on a mailing list or shared?

No—your personal information will remain secure and confidential and will only be shared if required by law (details can be found in our Privacy Policy).

Questions about Adult Beverage Rebates?

Visit our Adult Beverage Rebates FAQ.