UDF Low-Price Lock - UDF

UDF Low-Price Lock


Use your registered U-Drive card or Alt-ID at the pump, and fuel prices will automatically rollback to the lowest of the day – in addition to any rollbacks you’ve already earned! Plus get Low-Price alerts delivered right to your phone with the UDF App and never (ever) pay full price on gas again.


See the lowest price at your favorite UDF

How UDF’s Low-Price Lock Works


Pick up a U-Drive card at any UDF

Register your card and instantly save 10¢ per gallon.


Download the app and get more

Register your U-Drive card, download the UDF App, and get low-price gas alerts, app-only deals, and much more.


Make sure your card is registered*

Register online or via the UDF App.

* Up to 48 hour delay for registration to take effect for gas price protection.

Receive low-price gas alerts

Receive low-price alerts ** at your favorite UDF – delivered right to your phone via the UDF App.

** We make every effort to accurately reflect gas prices at each location. Some variation may inadvertently occur due to report timing.
Lowest price guaranteed until midnight.

Never (Ever) Pay full price on Gas Again