Covid Updates - UDF


A message to our guests about the Coronavirus from Brad Lindner, CEO of United Dairy Farmers

Saturday, May 16, 2020


To Our Guests:

I want to say thank you for the continued trust you place in us and our team every time you visit our stores or purchase our products. Each day, we learn more information about COVID19 and how to prevent its spread. Our intent is to provide a safe environment for all our guests and associates. Below are some additional changes we have recently made that are important for you to know. But first, I want to share some things about the associates who work for us.

I can’t say enough about our associates and their hard work during this disruptive time. I want to personally thank them for their contributions during this unique set of circumstances. Just like many of you, they have had personal or family related challenges caused by this pandemic, but continue to come into work with an authentic concern for each of you as our guests. We have put together a special recognition bonus to our store frontline associates and are providing additional benefits to many other areas of our business, as well.

In closing, we will continue to provide you updates as we deal with this issue together.


Brad Lindner,
President & CEO

Enhanced Safety Measures


Some United Dairy Famers locations and gas pumps may have adjusted hours-please visit our store locator page for the most up to date store hours information.

Enhanced, rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices are being performed at all stores, leveraging updates from the CDC and state health departments.


For our associate's safety, we have provided gloves and masks to every associate, and we are encouraging healthy hygiene habits. 


We support social distancing to keep you and our associates safe. At times, we may offer some additional gentle reminders while in our stores.


The health and safety of our guests and associates has been our priority throughout the pandemic. We continue to strongly encourage face coverings for associates and guests in areas with substantial or high risk of transmission, as defined by the CDC. We’ll follow all local mandates, as we have throughout the pandemic, and continue to monitor guidance from the CDC closely.


For our elderly guests or for those needing additional assistance, please ask one of our associates to help.

Keep in mind that most of our gas pumps have a “help” button you can press and our store associates will reply to help with your gas needs.


Store Notices


The safety of our associates, guests, and partners remains our top priority. In order to keep you updated on COVID19, here is a summary of our locations where an associate has had a positive COVID19 test, along with the time frame when they last worked. A directory of store addresses can be found HERE. Store occurances older than 60 days may be found HERE.

Store Last Date In Store
133 6/29/2022
36 6/29/2022
613 6/16/2022
19 6/28/2022
119 6/25/2022
102 6/25/2022
663 6/10/2022
151 6/7/2022
83 6/7/2022
98 6/7/2022
161 6/7/2022
667 5/25/2022
674 5/18/2022
632 5/23/2022
169 5/24/2022
160 5/23/2022
668 5/14/2022
136 5/20/2022
184 5/12/2022
634 5/13/2022
672 5/12/2022
38 5/8/2022
624 5/11/2022

United Dairy Farmers has implemented a COVID19 response plan which has been enacted in each of the locations above.  This includes the use of a professional cleaning and sanitizing company to deep clean and apply a disinfectant to all surfaces of our stores (both inside and outside-at the gas/air pumps, etc.) per CDC guidelines. In addition, we are working with the local health departments to assist both our quarantined associate who tested positive as well as those quarantined associates who had direct contact.  We will do everything we can to support our impacted associates, including providing paid time off for those quarantined.  We continue to perform hourly enhanced preventative sanitation and safety measures in all of our stores to prevent the spread of illness to the fullest extent possible.