A message to our guests about the Coronavirus - UDF

A message to our guests about the Coronavirus

To our Guests:

As you know, the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has started to significantly impact our daily lives. At UDF, we place an important emphasis on being a trusted neighbor in the communities in which we operate. I wanted to share with you some of the actions we are taking to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus as well as keep you and our associates safe.

Enhanced Cleaning

For the locations you visit on a daily basis, each store has a rigorous quality assurance process that has been in place for over 40 years. Included in this process are specific tasks for our associates related to the safety, sanitation and cleanliness of our stores and products. Given the impact of the Coronavirus, we have increased the amount of internal cleaning done at our locations with a specific focus on counters, faucets, door knobs, fuel dispensers, and high traffic areas. We continue to leverage regular updates from the CDC and State health departments for ongoing guidance on cleaning processes and procedures for businesses.

When supplies become readily available, we will begin to include hand sanitizer at all locations for guest use. Hand sanitizers would be located at our checkout counter and food preparation areas. In addition, we will also begin to install hand sanitizer dispensers at our fuel dispensers for your use.

Food Preparation & Production

You’ve come to trust us for the quality and safety of our products. Whether our heritage in ice cream or our new line of donuts from our family bakery. We continue to operate all of our food production facilities under strong health and safety practices. Each of our food production facilities go through a daily cleaning and sanitation throughout the day as well as in-depth cleaning after the production runs for the day. Our associates have been informed to stay home if sick as to not risk contamination whether in our stores, our manufacturing plant or bakery.

Help for our Associates

As an operator of convenience stores, we are in business to serve you as our guests. We also place the safety and health of our associates as a top priority. To assist our associates in managing through issues which may arise during this time period, we have created new additional short term pay and benefits offerings. We want to assist our team members in potential hardships caused by the Coronavirus.

Transparency in our Communications

Our response plans include communication to you via our website, the UDF app and emails/messages similar to this one. We commit to keep you informed of updates that impact our operations which in turn impact you. If you have any questions, you may always contact our Guest Relations team at 1-800-833-9911 or speak with us via our social media presence on Facebook. Each day, we learn more information about the Coronavirus and how to prevent its spread. Our intent is to provide a safe environment for all our guests and associates. We will continue to provide you updates as we deal with this issue together.


Brad Lindner,
President & CEO