UDF Fuels

For over 70 years, UDF has stood for quality, value and trust. And now, with our very own brand, UDF Fuels is proud to carry on that tradition.

Start with the best.
We only use petroleum products from major U.S.-based gasoline refiners, then we add quality additives to help remove and prevent deposits on engine parts, while keeping emissions down.

Consistent quality.
To ensure quality standards are consistently met and maintained, we continuously monitor all gas and diesel tanks at every station.

Higher standards.
Every UDF is company owned and operated — unlike most major oil branded stations — so you can feel confident that every location will meet our strict quality standards.

Even our gas is fresh.
When you sell more, it stays in the tank less. On average, we sell through our entire gasoline and diesel inventory every three days.

  1. Contact our Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-833-9911 or consumerrelations@udfinc.com.
  2. Take your vehicle to ASE A8 certified repair shop.
  3. If the problem is determined to be caused by our gasoline, have qualified technician completely fill out and sign TECHNICIAN REPORT FORM.
  4. Have appropriate service performed and forward completed TECHNICIAN REPORT FORM with CUSTOMER CLAIM FORM and detailed repair invoice to:

    UDF Consumer Relations
    3955 Montgomery Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45212

Download the Claim Form & Technician Report here.