UDF Classic Ice Cream

On May 8th, 1940, in a converted garage, the first United Dairy Farmers store opened. With original formulas created by our grandfather, Carl Lindner Sr., the first batch of United Dairy Farmers ice cream was sold out of a 20' x 50' store front. The production area, adjacent to the store front, was where UDF Ice Cream was frozen in a 10 gallon brine batch freezer (via a salt and ice mixture). Hand filled in 5 gallon stainless steel cans, the semi-frozen ice cream was poured onto an aluminum frame holding 20-quart pail cartons, where the tops were then squeegeed to evenly fill each carton.

In those days, packaged ice cream was sold in pints and quarts ($.25 for a quart, $.13 for a pint). Our store's bulk ice cream sold three dips for a nickel, and for people without home freezers, you could bring along your own bowl to the store which we'd fill up until you said "when". Always an innovator, UDF was one of the first dairies in the state to introduce the half-gallon package in the late forties.

Three generations later, we still make our ice cream on the site where the first store stood and we still use those same original formulas. United Dairy Farmers remains committed to quality ice cream at a price your family can afford, but leave your bowl at home!

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UDF Ice Cream Flavors

Berries 'n Cream Pint

Black Walnut 48oz

Blue Moo Cookie Dough Pint

Butter Pecan 48oz

Caramel Cone Crunch 48oz Pint

Chocolate 48oz

Chocolate Chip 48oz

Chocolate Marshmallow 48oz Pint

Cotton Candy Pint

Dinosaur Egg Pint

Fudge Brownie Swirl 48oz Pint

Fudge Nut Sundae 48oz Pint

Golden Vanilla 48oz

Mini Cookies 'N Cream 48oz Pint

Mini PB Cups & Fudge 48oz Pint

Mint Chocolate Chip 48oz

Paintball Blast Pint

Peach (seasonal) 48oz Pint

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint

Peppermint Stick (seasonal) 48oz Pint

Pumpkin (seasonal) Pint

S'mores Pint

Super Moo Pint

Raspberry Cheesecake Pint

Spumoni (seasonal) 48oz

Strawberry 48oz

Strawberry Cheesecake (seasonal) 48oz

Swiss Chocolate Almond 48oz

Twisted Turtle Pint

Vanilla 48oz

Vanilla Orange (seasonal) 48oz Pint

Whitehouse 48oz

UDF Light Ice Cream Flavors

Butter Pecan 48oz

Mini Cookies 'n Cream 48oz

Vanilla 48oz

UDF Sherbet Flavors

Cherry Limeade Sherbet Pint

Orange 48oz

Pineapple 48oz

Rainbow 48oz

Raspberry Orange Twister Pint

Strawberry 48oz