In 1965 Richard left United Dairy Farmers to pursue his interest in grocery retailing at Thriftway. Carl Jr. and Robert continued to expand AFC holdings while operating United Dairy Farmers. A major United Dairy Farmers store remodeling program added merchandising space for some 1,200 convenience grocery products to the existing dairy and food sections.

United Dairy Farmers continued to grow during the 1970s while major family emphasis now focused on the development of AFC.

In the early 1980s the second generation of the Robert Lindner family—sons Bob Jr, Jeff, Brad, and, most recently, David—became actively involved in the management of United Dairy Farmers.

Jeff and Brad, convinced that ice cream sales could be expanded significantly by adding a premium line, developed Homemade Brand premium ice cream in 1982. Homemade Brand offered exotic flavors, chock-full of costly condiments.